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This blog is about Daniel John Ford Padilla.
I don't have posts for other loveteams Daniel is in.
I edit pictures of him. Though I don't edit for anyone. Sorry for that. If you want to know anything about me, just visit my personal account. (link below).
Nagtatagalog pala ako. HAHA. Friendly ako. HEHE. Hindi lang halata. Kailangan mo ng ka-viber? TA me. :)

gonna be on hiatus guys. hang on. :)

Can you view this >  and like it if you can? I need your help badly kasi. Huwaaaaaaaa. Thank you sa mga makakatulong! Labyu! :*

Anonymous said: his onscreen name is daniel padilla and his birth name is daniel john ford. no middle name, kasi yung surname din mismo ng mother niya yung surname niya.

Oh. Thank you. Nabasa ko rin kasi. Hahahahaha buti nang naliwanagan ako. :)

E bat ang sweet? KTB!

I want a relationship where we talk like best friends, play like kids, argue like husband and wife, and protect each other like siblings.

Cute :)

Super duper sorry talaga for being inactive for the past few weeks. I was quite busy in school. May school-wide activity kami nung isang week then the next week, deadline ng projects, then this week, exams namin tas preparations for our Socials. Promise guys, babawi ako. I love you all! :)